"Jedi House"


SpatCave Films is currently in production of a Star Wars

Fan Film called "Jedi House".

"Jedi House " is an SpatCave Films Production. It's a Star Wars Fan Film Trailer about Padawan Learner's training at the Jedi Academy. We are currently shooting in and around the New York area. Here are some production pics:

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More Hutt Pre-Production

And here he is all slapped together and ready for painting.

And a shot of the inner workings of Pinki the Hutt.

He's so cute!


And then it was time for the final day of shooting! The big interview scene!

Once painted, he was ready for his big day of shooting!

Me giving Pinki his motivation.

Of course, it took four people to work him, with Zippy getting the worst part laying on the floor the whole time with Sam and Heather having to lay on top of him. Or was it the best part?

He's still cute.


Well, that's it for Jedi House! Big thanks to everyone involved!


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If you have any questions, E-Mail me.