"Jedi House"


Check out Jedi House!

"Jedi House " is an SpatCave Films Production. It's a Star Wars Fan Film Trailer about Padawan Learner's training at the Jedi Academy. We are currently shooting in and around the New York area. Here are some production pics:

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10/17/04 Training Scene

Samantha, Rich and Heather waiting for everything to be set up.

Zippy, the Clapper.

Eric dusts the Jedi.


Zippy and Joe looking all happy. I guess they don't realize there's 10 more hours to go...

The scene.

Jedi Spat!

Getting the wardrobe ready.

Cat and Dog.

General production shots.

Zippy Slating the scene.

Me checking the shot.

Padawan's all in a row.


Heather Directing.

Looking cool.


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