"Jedi House"


SpatCave Films is currently in production of a Star Wars

Fan Film called "Jedi House".

"Jedi House " is an SpatCave Films Production. It's a Star Wars Fan Film Trailer about Padawan Learner's training at the Jedi Academy. We are currently shooting in and around the New York area. Here are some production pics:

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They look so intrigued by whatever is on the TV, don't they?

Heather and Cat communing with nature.

And then Heather and Anu scaring the poor ducks.

Lone camera.


The cast and crew. Very happy that this is the last exterior shoot!

The camera again! Who the hell keeps taking pictures of the camera?

Originially in the script, it was an evil, preppy Fraternity that are the antagonists with Jedi House, but for some reason, the day of the shoot, only women showed up! This of course is something no man would ever complain about, so we made it an evil Sorority. The "Plastics". Really fake and bitchy chicks. Here's Anu, Briana, and Kristen getting ready for the scene.

Diane, Boom Pole Girl.

Later that day, we headed over to the local Knights Of Columbus for the next part of the shoot. The "Plastics" Sorority House scene.

Anu, the "Plastics" pledge.

Checking the scene with the crotch height cam.

Looks like a very sad version of "The View", huh?

Damn this couch is heavy for some reason!!

Now that is a stylish footrest.

Heather, the other "Plastic", flexing.

And here they are in all their glory, "The Plastic Girls", Heather, Braina, Anu and Kristen.



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