"Jedi House"


SpatCave Films is currently in production of a Star Wars

Fan Film called "Jedi House".

"Jedi House " is an SpatCave Films Production. It's a Star Wars Fan Film Trailer about Padawan Learner's training at the Jedi Academy. We are currently shooting in and around the New York area. Here are some production pics:

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Hutt Pre-Production

For this film, I wrote in a character that was basically, Jabba the Hutt's nephew. We've nicknamed him, "Pinki The Hutt". It's a teenage Hutt, about 3 feet long. We knew he would have to be an animated puppet of some sort as CGI would be too time consuming and probably wouldn't look as good. We've never made a mechanical puppet before, but felt up to the task. Here he is being built.

We started off by taking a mold of the Illusive Concepts Jabba Maquette.

Here is the plaster filling up the Alginate negative mold.

The Maquette was too small for what we needed, so I sculpted a basic, bigger upper body on the plaster cast.

Once I had that down, Eric came in and finished the sculpt, adding in all the needed details to make Pinki as cute and cuddly as a Hutt can be.

Base sculpt of his arm.

Here's the foam latex tail skin.

And here's the foam latex face, with the eyes and some of the mechanics already in place.

Eyelids added.

Here is Pinki's skull with all the mechanics.

And here is the underside of the skull showing all the cables and controls.


More to come...


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If you have any questions, E-Mail me.