"Jedi House"


SpatCave Films is currently in production of a Star Wars

Fan Film called "Jedi House".

"Jedi House " is an SpatCave Films Production. It's a Star Wars Fan Film Trailer about Padawan Learner's training at the Jedi Academy. We are currently shooting in and around the New York area. Here are some production pics:

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11/14/04 Jedi House

John rehearsing.

Dressing the scene.

Eric takes a break.

John still rehearsing.

Eric gets goofy.

"More weight!"

The Pledges.

Eric and Sam.


Zippy thinking while Rich gets silly.

Me checking the camera.

Rich getting tweaked.


Getting the cloak dirty.

Heather Directing.

Me and rich, from all angles.


Zippy, Slate Master.

The set.

The Slate.

The evil stray kitten that kept interrupting the shot with his meows.

Don't feed the thing that lives under the table!!


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