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Armor Pics

Alien Prop Replica Head


Here it is - USCM M3 Body Armor. All pieces are fully painted and have the metal scratch marks all over them to make them look used.  All pieces are padded, or lined to prevent scratching the other armor pieces, or your skin.  All the armor parts are vac-u-formed in .100 gauge black HIPS (High Impact Styrene), which is very strong and durable, while being really light and comfortable. The armor comes fully assembled, painted, strapped and is ready to wear out of the box. You will not find a better deal on armor anywhere! The armor does NOT come in kit form. Comes painted in Flat Black, Dark Green, or Dark Green with airbrushed camo pattern. Fully adjustable to fit just about anyone. I personally have seen the armor fit perfectly on someone 6'2" tall, 270 pounds, and onto someone 5'2" tall, 105 pounds. Also includes a hand sewn vinyl ab pad in either regular or large sizes.

Please read the Armor FAQ.

The armor comes with Helmet, Leg Armor, Ab Pad with Armor Plates, Chest Armor, Back Armor, Shoulder Armor and Pistol Belt.

Helmet -

Actual steel pot helmet converted to a Marine helmet just like they did it in the movie.  All helmet parts (ear flap, camera, and frontal lobe plate) are riveted, or screwed THROUGH the steel.  In other words, they ain't gonna fall off.  The helmet also has an accurate resin cast camera lens, and the two lobster plates hanging off the back of the helmet.  The lobster plate strapping is also threaded THROUGH the steel, as opposed to just riveted to the liner.  The ear flap, camera and lens are cast in resin.  The ear flap has a donut cushion for your ear, and an accurate microphone and boom that can easily be converted into a working mike.  
Also, the camera lens can be unscrewed and a real Pentax lens can be attached in its place in under 30 seconds with no tools.

All Helmets will no longer include Helmet Liners. Helmets will be lined with foam padding, or they will have to purchase a liner separately. We apologize for this, but M1 Helmet Liners are becoming incredibly scarce and hard to find. But the new padding system I personally find more comfortable and more stable for the helmets..


Steel Helmets will no longer include Chin Straps. They can be purchased separately. We apologize for this as well, but the original Vietnam style chin straps are also becoming very hard to find!

Dark Green w/ Airbrush Camo ("Spataflage")
"Movie Style Camo"
Flat Black
Dark Green

We now also offer a plastic version of the Steel Pot helmet. This light weight version is more comfortable to wear, costs a little less, but looks almost exactly the same! Check out the pics below. The real steel helmet is on the left, and the Plastic one is on the right. The Steel Pot helmet weighs 4 lbs 1 oz, while the Plastic one weighs only 2 lbs 1.6 oz.

Since we are no longer including helmet liners with the helmets, here's the info on the padding system.

You can install these yourself if you want, or we can set it up for you before the helmet ships. It only takes a few minutes, and I find it more comfortable and more stable that the old liners. And these days, the liners are becoming scarce and the ones I've been getting are really old and moldy. You really don't want to wear them!

The foam padding can be picked up from Home Depot, Lowes or just about any other DIY store for about $3. All you need are scissors, the helmet shell, and a hot glue gun. Please be careful. It goes without saying, but Hot Glue is HOT!!

I just put one block in the center of the helmet and then one on each side and one in the front and one in the back. That made it a bit too snug for my head, so I trimmed about an inch from the foam and then it fit perfectly. In future ones, the cut side of the foam will be glued to the helmet to keep the inside look clean.

If you have a helmet already and don't like the fit of the liner, try this out and let me know how it works!

Leg Armor -
Knee, calf and shin armor, fully padded and strapped. With rubber side "gasket".

Dark Green w/ Airbrush Camo ("Spataflage")
"Movie Style Camo"
Flat Black
Dark Green

Ab Pad -
The Ab Pads are made from hand stitched black vinyl with a padded center and quilted pattern, and have the cod and kidney armor attached as well as an adjustable thong, and an adjustable nylon waist. Available in regular, or large.
The Regular Pad is 13" wide, and 21" tall, and the Large is 15" wide, and 23 " tall.

Dark Green w/ Airbrush Camo ("Spataflage")
"Movie Style Camo"
Flat Black
Dark Green

Chest, Back and Shoulders -
Very accurate, fully lined and padded for comfort, and fully adjustable.
The Shoulder Pauldrons also have the "pull down" straps, with grenade loops, that attach to the pistol belt which is also included.

Dark Green w/ Airbrush Camo ("Spataflage")
"Movie Style Camo"
Flat Black
Dark Green

Pistol Belt -
In Black or OD Green, depending on what color Armor you order.

Please note - The above items in the pictures are the ONLY items included with the Marine armor.


Check the SpatCave Store for more info.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Optional Parts

USCM Throat Guard -

Dead on accurate USCM Throat Guard. Based on the armor part made for the film, but never used on screen.

Comes fully padded, with a strap for around the neck, and a strap to attach it to the connector strap that holds the chest and back armor together.

Dark Green w/ Airbrush Camo ("Spataflage")
"Movie Style Camo"
Dark Green
Flat Black
And here's the padded back of the guard
And here's what it looks like on the armor

USCM Spare Pulse Rifle Magazine -

Check out the Spare Magazine Page for more details.

USCM Ab Pad -

A few people out there buy their armor in kit form, or from other makers who offer Ab Pads that are less than perfect. Now's your chance to upgrade to an Ab Pad that's looks awesome and is ready to go!

Remember, these Ab Pads do not come with any armor plates, or any straps. It's assumed that you got those items from the original maker of your armor.

Comes in either Regular or Large sizes. The Regular Pad is 13" wide, and 21 " tall, and the Large is 15" wide, and 23 " tall.

USCM Back Bracket Upgrades -

Back bracket load and gear clips just like the ones seen on the original armor in the film.

These resin clips will need to be drilled and attached to your armor, by you, either with rivets, or with nuts and bolts.

Remember, these clips come attached to all new suits of armor. You only need to order these is you already have a set of armor and want to add these to it.

Back Brackets

USCM Grenade Strap Upgrade -

More accurate pull down straps to connect your shoulder armor to your belt. These are a wider set of straps that come with the loops to hold your grenades.

When ordered, you would have to remove the clip from your current set of straps and transfer it to the new straps to be able to use them.

Remember, these straps come standard on all new sets of armor. You only need to order these if you want to replace the straps on the set of armor you already own.

Grenade Straps
Also available in Green


Recent Armor Updates
Green Webbing and Buckles. Now all my Dark Green and Spataflage armor comes with green buckles and straps.
Green Grenade Straps You now have the option to get Green Grenade Straps with your armor.
Grenade Straps All sets of armor now come with Grenade Loops on the pull down straps.
Back Brackets Gear attachment points are now included on all sets of armor.
Leg Armor Gaskets Rubber seals attached to the sides of the leg armor on each new set that ships out.
Shoulder Attachment Upgrades Since the only part of the armor that ever breaks is the Shoulder Epaulettes, Terry English himself helped me re-design the way the shoulders attach. All sets of armor will come with this new design already in place, but if you want to upgrade your existing armor yourself, click this link.
"Floating" Shoulders The new shoulders on the armor now "Float" on elastic. This makes them more comfortable, less prone to breaking, and look much more natural. All new suits of armor will come with the new, upgraded shoulder design.
Plastic Helmet Now the Marine Helmet you know and love is available in a light weight, plastic version!
Movie Style Camo We're finally offering Movie Style Camo!


Please Note: We no longer accept orders for custom paint on armor. We apologize for the inconvenience.