Chiller Theatre

10/25 - 10/27


"She goes above and beyond her call of duty,

She is a slut, but X makes it sexy."

-Ben Kweller


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Well, yet another Chiller Con under the belt. This makes 6 so far for me, and this was by far the strangest yet.

Due to complaints from people about the amount of time my pages usually take to load, I have gone back to the small size thumbnails, so this should work much faster. If you like this better, please let me know.

We'll get into why in a bit. Let's start with the simple stuff, pics with the celebs!

Me and Linda Blair (The Excorcist, The Blair Bitch Project).

Felix Silla (Cousin It from the Addams Family, Twiki from Buck Rogers), a great guy to hang around the bar and have a few drinks with.

Me and Szilvia with Nick Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed).

Me with Joey Vieira (Lassie, The Patriot).

Ahhh... Traci Lords.....

Here's me with the cutest Troma girl around, Ataria Starling! She's the Tromette of the month! Check out her website:

Ataria Starling

And tell her Spat sent you!

We had told a lot of people that we were having a naughty Pajama Party on Saturday night, and a few of the girls tried (and succeded) in getting some pre-party Mardi Gras beads for showing us what we could expect to see at the party.

Kathy and a very happy beer bottle.

The triple kiss. Gotta love that.

And here's Kathy showing off the spoils of war....


In the interests of continuity, we're going to stop the first page here, and move on to what most of you are here to see:


The Spatcave Mardi Gras Themed Pajama Party!!


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