Empire City Garrison Vacc-Party



The team from the Empire City Garrison of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion came over to the Spat Cave to work on some costumes. Even after I specifically told them there was to be no cameras or flash photography, these few pics did filter out of the event.


We started the day just like it was any other, by watching an episode of "Sponge Bob Square Pants". The greatest cartoon to ever find it's way onto Nickelodeon.

Charlie arriving with sodas and munchies.

Sheila waving "Hello".

Frank getting bored and taking the easy way out.

Lance, Kevin, me and Sheila looking at pictures.

Until Sheila got bored and wandered away...

Charlie showing off his newest acquisition, a Colonial Viper Helmet from Battlestar Galactica (a gift from Doreen).


Juan stealing the helmet from Charlie.

Me, amused for some reason.

Mary wondering why she hangs out with these freaks.

Kevin and Lance acting goofy as usual.

Sheila showing off her Stormtrooper. A gift from Kevin.

Mary breaking out the measuring tape to fit us for our new costumes.

Waist - 34"... ish. :)

Arms - HUGE!!

Can't quite get the measurement, "Stand up straight!!"

"Sorry, my bad."

Just as I thought, my head is getting bigger!

Frank decided to get friendly with "Squirmy", our resident Facehugger...

REALLY friendly...

But then "Squirmy" decided to get friendly back! That's what you get.

Then they discovered the Alien suit... Frank tried it on...

Kevin tried it on...

And decided to attack me with it.

But I beat him down with my gloves. "Bad bug, BAD!"

Then Eric decided to try it on...

But didn't want to take it off!



And instead of attacking people, people decided to attack him! Here's Rissa smooching with the bug...


Smoochy, smoochy.

Sheila smooching with the bug...

Hell, Sheila practically making out with the bug!


Get a room!!

Eric wandering around looking for someone new to make out with while the rest of us Vacc some armor.

Eric still looking for a new smooching partner.

Mary Vaccing some Biker parts.


Vaccing away.


Vaccing some more.


Me, ready to pass out from the heat.

Eric finally out of the bug suit and ready to Vacc-U-Form a Biker Scout chest.

Pressing the plastic down on the master... now Frank just has to throw the switch, and...

PRESTO! A new chest plate ready to go!

Lance showing off his new prize.


And his matching back plate.

Lance and Eric getting ready to Vacc another chest.

Sheila setting up the camera to catch all the hijinks on film. How did she sneak a camera that size in? Who was supposed to be frisking people at the door?

A picture of a picture being taken.

Me, Frank and lance waiting for the plastic to heat up.

"Squirmy" getting a drink of soda from Kim.

Kim giving some loving attention to "Squirmy" who was feeling a little left out since no one wanted to play with him. Well, he did impregnate Frank... But he's such a well behaved Facehugger when there are girls around.


Aww, happy little hugger begging to have his belly rubbed.

Kim, Rissa and "Squirmy" enjoying a quiet moment together.


Juan and Kim hanging out while Drew tries to steal my stuff!


Drew dropping a hint.


Drew.... Drinking?!?!? He's probably just holding it for someone else.


I don't exactly know what the helmet is there for, but it works for me.


My Dad showed up just to see what kind of freaks I hang out with.


The old crew.


"No more pictures, the show is over!"


Ok, these next few pictures I have no idea what they're for. Drew just got a new Digital Camera, and went a little picture happy, as he always does:

The boy needs help. Serious help, and soon.


Now, this next batch of pictures need some explanation. Mary is an incredible costumer who make beautiful gowns and really nice, pretty costumes. I make armor and guns. Big guns. So, when we were in a costume contest against each other a year ago, I and my group of Marines won. Then, last week at Creation Con, she and I were competing again, her in her Queen Amidala (from Star Wars Episode 1) costume, and me on stage with 2 Colonial Marines, and me in the Alien suit. And again, we won.

She got a little... "miffed" at losing two years in a row to basically the same costume, and said something along the lines that next time, I should wear the Queen Amidala costume, and she should wear the Alien suit, and that way she'd win the contest. I agreed, but she informed me that the Amidala costume was made for a size 4, and I am at best, a size 6. So I needed to crash diet. But when someone from the Garrison (who will remain nameless) called me fat, I proceeded to binge on "Ho-Ho's" and other sugary pastries. Because of that, I was nicknamed, "Queen Ami-Ho-Ho".

So, without further ado, I give you, Queen Ami-Ho-Ho! (to once again prove that I have no shame)


Queen Ami-Ho-Ho, in all her regal beauty.

So prim and proper, so disciplined...


So brimming with authority...

Won't even accept the Ho-Ho's being offered to her!

Well, ok, maybe just one...


Zippy pledging his allegience and loyalty to the new Queen.


The Queen is dead, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!

And, the gratuitous Ami-Ho-Ho butt shot.


Not to be outdone, Mary went right into the bed room and slipped into the bug suit just as agreed. And after how many other people wore it that day, I can only imagine how it smelled.

The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!

And here we see Mary Alice wearing the new Spring 2001 line from DKNY. It's a little more racy than we're used to seeing in Spring fashion, but it's a must for the Modern Urban woman.

So sleek, so stylish, can't you just see everyone wearing one of these come Spring?

And here's the ensemble without the hat, coat and matching gloves.

I tell you, it's all the rage in Paris...


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