The Spulse Rifle


The MK II Spulse Rifle, the version we've been offering for a few years now, has been retired. The new, MK III kit is now available, and has been vastly, and incredibly improved.

This kit has no working or moving parts, aside from the LED counter and the trigger.

Be sure to check out the Spulse Rifle FAQ


Here is a pic of the actual kit you will receive.

It's a 13 part resin kit, with detailed instructions and an LED Counter.

The Spulse kits are cast in black resin, with no fillers.

Here are the newly molded SPAS Cage, and Barrels.

Here are the new Shrouds, Thompson Grip, Magazine Base, Stock, and Magazine Well seam hiders.

And here is the front and back of the Magazine Well.



And here is the LED and Battery Holder. No soldering required, just glue it in place.

The LED Counter lights up to a number that you choose in advance. It cannot be changed, and it does not count down. Includes Battery Holder, and Switch. Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included).

Here are pics of a Spulse MK III that I built in 2 days.

M41-S Spulse Rifle
This is the model rifle seen at the end of the third film. It has no LED Counter, and no Counter Window. It's meant for Stealth operations.
M41-K Spulse Rifle
This is a variation of the standard rifle kit, modified for Close Quarter Combat. Never in the films, this is a non standard, "Expanded Universe" theoretical version.


Below are some pics of completed MK I and MK II Spulse Rifle kits.

These pics are NOT of the version we currently offer.


These rifles ONLY come in kit form. We do not offer completed rifles.


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Also, check out the Spulse Rifle Instructions Page to see what it takes to build one of these things!

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Please check with your local laws and Government Import laws before ordering this item.  Some Towns, Cities, States and Governments do not allow replicas of firearms to be owned, shipped or imported.  We are not responsible for kits seized by customs, or other agencies.  The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws where they live before they order.