Entertainment Earth

Reference Sites

The Harry Harris Aliens Collection And Archive THE definitive site for info on everything Aliens. I don't think I could have built any of my suits with as much detail if it weren't for Harry Harris' site.
The Aliens Legacy Message Boards An awesome repository for discussions on all topics of Aliens props and costumes.
ALIENS Collection Another great reference site. His links page rivals any ALIENS links page out there.
HR Giger's Site The site from the man that started it all.
Colonial The new home of all things USCM.

How-To Sites

I haven't been able to find any Aliens Specific How-To sites. If anyone knows of one, let me know.
The Definitive How-To (Vaccuform Tables) Jeff Allen has an incredible site here that teaches you how to build a Vaccuform table. A must if you want to build your own costumes.


For Sale Sites

Soldier City They sell a set of Safariflage BDU's that are really close to the BDU's used in ALIENS. A good choice for those who don't want to dye a set of Urban Camo'd ones.
Out In Style This is another company that sells the Safariflage BDU's, and they're ten bucks chesper than Soldier City above.
Monsters In Motion Masks, props, model kits, etc.
Intergalactic Trading This is where I usually get my USCM patches. They had this really easy to navigate website, and went and mucked it all up with this fancy crap, and now it takes an hour to find anything. Don't you hate when that happens?
Bad Planet They sell the official Aliens Masks and Costumes.
The Spat Cave Ok, shameless plug. I sell Marine Armor as well as some other stuff depending on my mood.
USCM Figure Kit This guy makes AWESOME mini Marine armor and props made in the 12" scale. Check it out, you'll be amazed at the detail!!


Fan Sites

The Spat Cave Ok, another shameless plug. My site with pics of my Aliens stuff.
Draigh's Home German Marine Fan Site.


Other Cool Sites

Spat's Main Link Page This is where I have a huge list of other links to all sorts of sites.


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