Mardi Gras 2002

2/8/02 - 2/14/02


"Marge, guess how many boobs I saw...... fifteen!"

-Homer Simpson


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Well, I guess it's Mardi Gras time again!

What a trip this was. We all decided to fly this time, and avoid the car issues that we had last year. But since we all booked at different times, we all arrived scattered.

First, Tammy arrived, and waited for me in the airport. We had only met once before, and I didn't know she was going to wait for me, so we almost missed each other. We got into the French Quarter at about noon, and had to wait until about 7 pm for Calvin (yes, Calvin!), Dan, Regina and Michele to show up. So we hit a bar! Drew didn't show up until about 10 pm the next night.

All told, I took over 300 pics, Calvin took about 150 pics plus some MPEG's, Regina when through 3 rolls, Michele did 2 rolls, Dan didn't bring a camera, Drew took 13 pictures, and Tammy took 4 pictures. Yes, 4 pictures.

So, here they are, the PG-13 ones anyway:

What would Mardi Gras be without girls dancing on a stage? Now this first pic proves that even the ladies can have some fun at Mardi Gras.
This is why you have to love Bourbon Street Blues Company. They do whatever it takes to get the girls up on stage, even in the middle of the afternoon. Yes, that is sunlight coming in through the window. These were taken at like 2 pm! I don't know why, but I kind of dug this girl.

"Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine!"

I don't really know what I was trying to do in this second pic. All I know is it was after my first Hurricaine!

And here's Tammy after her first Hurricaine!

Tammy and I at the bar.

And exploring the town while we wait for everyone else to arrive.

Ok, now here's the fun stuff. Branding people I meet and claiming them as my property. It's almost freaky how accommodating drunk people can be. They let me put them all over!
They called their friends over to have them branded.... Put them on their arms, breasts, butts, bellies... Some guy even let Tammy lick one on!
This may take a while, I printed up a lot of tattoo's. But I figure it's best to stick all teh tat pics in one place. Looks cooler. :)
Here a tat, there a tat, everywhere a Spat tat!
This one above with Calvin is especially priceless. Not only for the look on his face, but because the day before I took this pic, I actually bought him from Regina for $1. I think I got ripped off.

This first pic comes courtesy of Lori. She got branded, and used the tat to find the website and send over her pics. Thanks Lori!!

Mmm... branded shot girl...

This girl in the second pic, she was so drunk she probably would have actually let me tattoo my name on her for real...
Belly tats!!

Boob tats!!

Whoops, don't pull it down too far!

Belly and boob tats!

A wrist tat.

And a Spat tat!

Ok, now that the tat pics are over, we can get back to business... Calvin taking an over the shoulder glance at the girl in green. Will he bump into her later? Will something naughty ensue? We may never know....

The Bud girl of Utopia

Dan checking out the action.

Partying at Utopia!

Reg and Michele. How many pics do we have of these two girls together?

The combat MC of Bourbon Street Blues.

Table dancer.

Calvin with the Captain!!

This damned Bert kept blocking every photo I tried taking of girls on the stage!! Doesn't he look like Pauly Shore? Poor guy.

And in the second pic... Body Paint Girl!

More and more of Body Paint Girl.

Let that flag fly!!!

Go Body Paint, it's your birthday!! More girls wiggling and stripping for beads and T-Shirts.
The deal was, if you were willing to come up and remove your shirt, they'd give you a new one. Or something like that. And I think it also involved shots. But then, what at Mardi Gras doesn't?

The waiter added how much of a gratuity for himself!?!?! 22%!?! Did he really think we wouldn't notice? Yes he did. Bastard.

I don't know what Dan is trying to do to my butt here.

Calvin trying to get his head between four boobs!!

Hey, I'd been drinking since noon.

Regina and Michele hanging out.

The crew enjoying some drinks.

And passing Regina around. First from Dan...

Then to Calvin!

What's up with that Boa?

The next night, gettting ready to go out!

Taking a smoke break while the girls get ready.

Still getting ready.

Almost again! You're going to see a lot of almost flashing girls on these pages. Sorry.

Tammy and Reg.

When we looked at Calvin's pics we found a lot of shots of the street. At first we thought he was just kind of drunk, but it turns out that since he doesn't wear a watch, he would snap a pic because his camera has a time stamp when the photo was taken. So these pics are basically Calvin checking the time.

Dan looking all dapper.

Michele and Regina, who also just arrived looking so nice and sober. Not for long....

Calvin and Tammy, one sober, one not so sober...

More girls on stage. Gotta love the BBC!

I guess that counts as an assist?
Branded! Here are the girls trying to debate if they should hop up on stage or not. Hmmm.... decisions, decisions.... The greatest moment for me was to see the girls that I had tattoo'd earlier getting up on stage and having everyone take their picture. Now every pic of them will have my logo in it!
I'm a freaking advertising genius! Who are those girls up on stage trying to hide? Why it's Regina, Michelle and Tammy!!

These girls love the spot-light! They love to Boogie!!

Go dancing girls!

This girl loved to dance and get freaky!

So when they called Bert and teh Cow guy up on stage, you knew something good was gonna happen.

Well, we weren't dissapointed, she sucked the udder!! It's udder madness!

Tammy and Dan busting a move.

And this tee was just too perfect for Calvin, so I had to take a pic of it!

Had to do it!! Had to get the upper and lower views!

Calvin grinding on Reg.

Me and Michele.

A group shot with all of us looking at the camera!!

And then we ruin it for the re-shoot!

Bumping and grinding... This girl just wanted to show everything.

She was not shy at all.

Regina, you naughty girl.

This girl just loved the attention, and we all loved giving it to her. Hey, is that a Spat tat I see?

"I see you baby, smacking that ass!"

Mmmm.... tube shots.... evil tube shots....

That's right folks, I lost my cherry to Tammy at Mardi Gras.

Then I offered the stem to Michele. I figured she wouldn't mind sloppy seconds, but instead, I got to talk to the hand. :(

And me and Michele making up. How cute.
Ya know, it's great to travel with friends. You can always be sure that when you fall asleep, they'll stick a boob in your mouth and take a picture!


Right now we have the pics from me, Drew, Calvin, Michele and Regina loaded. Still waiting for the few pics Tammy took, and for me to upload Calvin's video footage. Enjoy!

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This page is dedicated to my cousin, Mary Jo, whose untimely passing touched us all. I like to think she was there watching over me, especially on the nights where I couldn't remember my name, let alone where my hotel was. She will be missed.



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