Drop Down IR Sight

Installation Instructions


Supplies Needed:

2 Ton Epoxy


Two 3v Lithium CR 2325 Batteries

Remove the Liner from the helmet.
Mark the center line of the helmet.
Align the sight on the inside of the helmet where you want to install it.
Mark the location.
Mix up a batch of 2 ton epoxy.
Apply a small amount of 2 ton epoxy to the corners of the IR Sight.
Place the Sight in the helmet.
Hold it in place as it dries. You can use clamps to make the connection stronger.
  Mark the helmet liner where it needs to be trimmed away to make room for the Sight.
Use the shears to trim away the liner. One of the lugs that attaches to the liner support does need to be cut loose. Once the liner is installed, you can tape, or hot glue that lug to the sight body to keep it in place.
Install the liner.
  Install the batteries.
  You're ready to rock and roll!


A very simple piece that adds that missing detail to your Colonial Marine Helmet!

Please note, if you order an IR Sight AND a USCM Helmet, I will install the IR Sight in the helmet before shipping it to you. If you don't want it installed, please let me know.


Comes ready to install.

Batteries not included. Requires two 3v Lithium CR 2325 Batteries.

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