DragonCon 2000

6/29 - 7/2

I think I can honestly say that we all had an incredible time at DragonCon this year. Here are some pictures, and there are more on the way. Also, if anyone knows the names of the people in the pictures, send them on up.


Me, Tony, Juan, Nick (as the Alien), and an unidentified Colonist. (photo courtesy of Dean Overaker)

That damned Colonist again…

And again…Doesn't she ever just die?

Me and Tony petting Nick Wolf, our new pet Bug. (photo courtesy of Dean Overaker)

Tony, Nick and I trashing the Planet Hollywood with the 501st.

Now we know why these Aliens are extinct…

One of the funniest sights of the weekend, it looked like a squad of Stormtroopers exploded.

I still don't know how they could tell their gear apart.

Can you believe how incredible these costumes are? The Imperials at DragonCon rocked!!

Tony and Nick with Roxanna (her costume had tubes of different colored lights going all around it, it's an awesome costume!).

Incredible Judge Dredd, and Judge Hunter costumes.

Indy rides again!

A really nice Qui Gon costume.

Girls in body paint. Gotta love DragonCon.

Scott Paige and his group in thier Space: Above and Beyond costumes. Incredible, simply incredible.

Two incredible costumes in one picture. First, Jeff Allen's awesome Biker Scouts with Speeder Bikes, and second, A gorgeous Seven of Nine.

Me and Tony with Jeff and his Speeder Bikes.

Me and Tony with Seven.

Tony getting his leg humped by…well…I don't know. Is it a wolf, a Garou, I don't know, but Tony's leg will never be the same.

Sith Vixen as…well, a Sith Vixen.

Brian's awesome Emperor Palpatine costume. There's not one bit of latex on his face, it's all painted to look like that.

Dean in his incredible Fett suit, posing with yours truly. (photo courtesy of Dean Overaker)

A really nice Robocop suit. I wish I had gotten more pictures.

Commander Taggert, and Colonel Deering. Deering is also Seven of Nine above. I guess she really likes tight clothes.

Tony with the Wolfe Brothers, sad to be giving up their pet Alien. Don't worry, he's in good hands…mine.

Me, Juan and Mikey getting ready for battle.

Ready to Rock 'n Roll!!

Here's Juan with Susan, one of our bosses down at the Registration desk where we worked.

Me, Tony and Juan with the king of all bad guys, Richard Lynch (He's been in too many films to list, sorry).

Us again, this time with Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica).

Chatting with Richard Hatch before the costume contest.

Me after getting my Vader mini-helmet signed by David Prowse.

Jeremy Bulloch signing my mini helmet. Hey, that sounds naughty.

Me and the man, Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett from Empire and Jedi) after he signed my Fett mini-helmet.

Here's the group of us after he bought us a drink. He's such a nice guy.

Packing up to go home.


And now for some newly scanned pics:


The Marines storming the Registration desk.

The Registration crew.

Mikey, Susan and Juan tearing up the bar.

Robin trying to pick up the members of the Mobile Infantry.

Don't ask.




Stories from the weekend:


Stoner Party

Mikey and I were looking for Tony and Juan one night, we knew they were hanging out with a girl whose last name was Stoner. Mikey and I were kind of drunk, and couldn't remember the room number, so we went to the front desk and asked if we could ring a room. The concierge enst us to the courtesy phone.

I picked up the phone and when the woman answered, I asked her if she could tell me what room the Stoner party was in.

She hung up on me.

I was shocked. That was so rude. So I called back.

"I'm looking for the Stoner room."

She hung up again.

That bitch!

After the third try she stopped answering.

A few minutes later we realized - Stoner Party = Party full of people getting stoned. Oops.




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