Creation Star Trek/Sci-Fi Convention

12/9/00 - 12/10/00


What an awesome weekend we had. Creation put on a great show at Hofstra in Nassau County, New York, with a huge guest list of people from Star Trek, Xena, Hercules, and the X-Files. We once again worked Security, and were able to get up close and personal with some of the guests, as well as being able to run around like idiots in our costumes and wreak havoc. Here are the pics:


Tony relaxing outside, making sure the perimeter is secure.

Oops, heard something moving in the dumpster!!!

Nah, just a giant rat, no need to waste the ammo.

Spat sneaking a smoke outside.

This is what the Security team does while we're supposed to be inside doing Security type stuff. But who's gonna say something? We carry big guns!!

William B. Davis (The Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files) explaining to the audience that HE was the main character of the show, not that ninny, Mulder.

William spent almost an hour answering some freaky questions about his part on the show, and the fact that Mulder must be gay for never making a pass at Scully

Hanging out in the Green Room with Chris Owens (Agent Spender on the X-Files) before escorting him to his car.

Tony Helping William B. Davis light up.


To continue with the latest tradition of my photo pages, here are 9 reasons never to let Tony use your camera:

Reason 1 -

The Smoking Man giving me a light. Tony hits the button on the camera and says it didn't work.

Reason 2 -

We hold the pose and tell him to take it again. Still nothing.

Reason 3 -

We start making fun of Tony's inability to work a simple camera, and Tony tries the button again but says it didn't work.

Reason 4 -

Now William is starting to get annoyed, and my face is starting to hurt (no rude comments, please).

Reason 5 -

Here, William is starting to wonder why he even bothers coming to these conventions in the first place.

I take the camera from Tony and snap a shot of him to show him that the camera works just fine.

Reason 6 -

We let Tony try again, to no avail. Now William is starting to think, "These morons are my Security Team? They can't even take a picture, let alone a bullet for me!"

Reason 7 -

Tony tries again, and then starts thinking to himself, "Maybe all those things these guys say about me behind my back are true? Why can't I make this silly camera work?"

Reason 8 -

Now I start thinking, "Man, I really need a cigarette."

Reason 9 -

This is where William gave up on us, and thanked us so much for burning his thumb. I don't think he'll be coming back to another Creation Con any time soon.

Me posing with Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek). We Escorted him to the stage in costume, and I stood at the foot of the stage while he spoke. At one point during his speech, he pointed me out, and said, (paraphrased here) "Look at the armed escort I get these days. Most conventions I go to, they tell me 'This is your Security Escort.' and it's a guy that's five feet tall, who looks up at me and says, 'I'm here to protect you.' Here they finally gave me someone with a big gun that actually looks like they can protect me."

While he was on stage, my friend Eric walked by in his awesome Darth Maul costume, and came over to talk to me. Michael saw him, and called him up on stage to show him to the audience. He complimented Eric on his costume, and then as Eric was leaving the stage, Michael told him, "And you're at the wrong convention!"

Sunday was the costume contest at Creation. I decided to break out the Bug suit for it. But before the contest, I wanted to take a run through the convention to let everyone get a look at it.


I then went into the Dealer room and had Tony and Victor (who was wearing my Marine Armor) chase me around the place. I would sneak up behind people, and scare the hell out of them when they would turn around. After my run, I ran out the side door to have a smoke, and when I was coming back in the door, a little, four year old girl dressed like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz was standing on the stairs. When I came through the door, she started screaming at the top of her lungs. I couldn't see where she was, so I started backing away but tried not to bump into anyone or anything in the process. I took off the Bug head, and her mother ran up and grabbed the girl. The mother kept telling her that it was just a guy in a costume, like on Halloween, and the girl calmed down a bit. I walked over with the head off and apologized up and down for scaring her. The little girl just kept giving me a nasty look. I felt so bad that I scared her like that.

Later, when I was out of costume, the mother told me that the girl thought I was a Dinosaur coming to get her.

At the end of the day, I was standing by the Celebrity signing table, and the girl and her mother were off in the distance, and the girl looked at me and then said something to her mother. The mother told the girl to go tell me herself, and the little girl ran up to me and said, "I'm glad you're not a Dinosaur anymore." And then ran back to her mother. I probably scarred the poor girl for life.

I bumped into Victoria Pratt (Sarge from Cleopatra 2525) on the way back to the dressing room to drop of the Bug suit. I couldn't see who she was (you can't see much of anything in the costume), but I could see she had an entourage and knew she was one of the VIP's. So I asked her if I could get a picture with her, and she said, "I was about to ask you the same thing."

We took two pics, just in case.

Finally able to breath after running around the con scaring people. Since it looks silly if you just walk normally in this costume, you kind of have to squat when you're running around, which is hell on the thighs.

Tony and Victor (in my armor) patroling the parking lot before the costume contest. (Photo courtesy of Victor)

Making the bug beg for mercy! (Photo courtesy of Victor)

Gosh, they made me beg a lot!! (Photo courtesy of Victor)

Attacking people on the stairs. (Photo courtesy of Victor)

Victor loving the Marine armor a little too much... (Photo courtesy of Victor)

For the Costume Contest, the MC, Adam, announced that Creation had a new domesticated pet, as I ran down the aisles scaring people and then climbed up onto the stage. Victor and Tony stood along side me hitting me on the head, and telling me to "Sit" or "Heel".

Every so often while on stage "Heeling" I would turn towards Victor, and attack his leg while Tony would try and pull me off. Then they would hit me and beat me down until I begged them to stop.

Getting some last minute instructions from Tony. (Photo courtesy of Victor)

Taking a bow after winning the Grand Prize.... again!

Jealousy from the other contestants. (Photo courtesy of Victor)

But there were some really nice costumes up there. (Photo courtesy of Victor)

While I was kneeling on the stage, and they had laid out the pile of prizes we had won, I darted forward, grabbed a T-shirt, and dragged it back with me as Tony and Victor tried to pry it away from me. Needless to say, we had a really good time on stage for the contest.

Me with Terry Farrel (Dax from Deep Space Nine).

Arlene with Michael Dorn. I have no idea why he's making that face.

Arlene spanking her own ass ALA Cameron Diaz.

The Celebrity Signing table. Paris Jefferson (Athena on Xena), Victoria Pratt (Sarge from Cleopatra 2525) and Robert Trebor (Salmoneus of Xena and Hercules) signing autographs for the fans.

Me, saying good-bye to Robert as he was leaving the con. The poor guys hand must have been sore from all that signing.

Me, Victor and Arlene goofing off a bit.

Apologizing to Briana. While in the Bug costume after the contest, I took another run through the Dealer room and saw her packing up some boxes with her back to me. So I snuck up behind her, and waited. Someone told her that there was someone behind her, and when she turned around, she freaked out. I ran away, and she chased me and kept trying to kick me in the butt.

Of course, she didn't know it was me in the Bug suit until a while later when I confessed.

I have no idea what this picture is about. I truly don't.



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