Chiller Theatre April 2001

4/27 - 4/29


Mikey, Juan and myself headed over to Jersey for an awesome weekend hanging out with the folks from Aliens. Special thanks to David, Sgt. Draino, and Andrew for trekking up and partying with us. And more thanks to David for putting some names with the faces of the people in the pics!


On to the pics!!


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Friday night we hit the bar. Here's Victor at the bar hanging out with Jerry Doyle from Babylon 5.

Here are some of the Security staff having drinks when they're off duty.

Jerry and I trying to find a Blackjack game.


All he wanted to do was play Blackjack all night.

Then I bumped into these girls, and somehow got invited into a game of dollar bill poker.

So we played this game using dollar bills as our cards. I have no idea what was going on, or who took my camera to take this picture (I may have had a drink or two earlier).

I can't really remember if I won or not. :)

Saturday in the signing tent, some guy showed up wearing a shirt with a big Cobra on it, and carrying a wicker basket. We didn't think too much about it, until someone came up and told us that he was keeping a LIVE Cobra in the basket, and was taking it out and showing it to people. So Victor (our newest Marine and head security guy) dashed over to the guy and kicked him out of the con. Who brings a live cobra to a convention? That's how you know it was held in New Jersey. :)

Saturday we worked for a while, then geared up to get some pics taken. Here's me and Juan.

Me and Juan with a Playboy Playmate Laurie Wallace.

I have no idea who this chick is, but she LOVED the Alien. I always knew that chicks were attracted to foreigners, but this is ridiculous!

Jasmin St. Clair with Juan and I.

Juan trying to look tough.

Our newest Marine, Charlie!!

Charlie sporting his new drop down IR sight. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

Juan laughing about something naughty he just did. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

Me trying to scare people. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

Here we go, hanging out with two of the original Marines from the Aliens film.

From left to right: David, me in the bug suit, Ricco Ross (Frost), Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez), Juan, and Charlie.

More shots of the Marines causing trouble. We stopped traffic for a while during these shots. (Photos courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

And here we are after Jenette went back to sign some more autographs. We also had two other Marines there this weekend (Nute and Victor), but they weren't around for these shots.

Us with Ricco. He loved Draino's VP-70! (Photos courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

Ricco signing some stuff for Draino. (Photos courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

Jenette striking a pose. (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

Juan and Barbie.

Forgot her name...

David and Rachel hitting it off pretty well.

Me with Brinke Stevens. I was working security by the elevator for part of the day, and that's where all the cool people would pass by.

Can't remember her name.

I think this is Countess Vladamira, but I'm not sure.

Cynthia Rothrock (Martial Law).

Tiffany Shepis, another model.

A really nice exhibit from the art show.

Oh no, Austin, it's a Fembot!!

Me and Scott having a drink together.

Later that night we all hit the pool, here's Juan, Rachel and Heather.

Juan and Heather.

David attacking Juan who was himself attacking Rachel.

David and Scott hanging in the room with us.

Mikey and Laura finally arrive.

Rachel and Heather hangin out.

David and Scott attacking me with pillows for some reason.

Sunday was the day to relax and recover. Here's Jenette signing a helmet for me.

Ricco signing as well. When someone asked him how close my helmet was to the one he used in the film, he looked it over, compared it to the pics on his table, and said, "I can't see a difference." Now that's a compliment!

Me and Juan with Micheal Berrymen (The Hills Have Eyes).

Mikey with Heather and Brianna.

After the con closed out, Juan, Heather, Rachel, David, Sgt. Draino, Andrew, and I went to a restaurant so we could pay less than $12 for a cheeseburger (that's right, a cheeseburger at Chiller is $12!!). (Photo courtesy of Sgt. Draino)

On the way home, a fire broke out along side the highway, and the 15 minute drive to the Lincoln Tunnel actually took an hour and a half!


All in all, we had a great time, even though it took forever to get home. Thanks to everyone that was there, and I hope to see you there again in October!!


More pictures to come when the pics get developed and scanned in.



Stacey Walker...

Tiffany Shepis...

Manon Kelly...

Briana and Heather...




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