Chiller Theatre October 2000

10/27 - 10/29

"Love in an elevator."



Once again, gentle readers, it's time for a trip to Chiller Theatre, the biggest Horror convention around.

Drew, Mikey, Tony, Juan and myself all crammed into a hotel room at the Sheraton for what looked to be an incredible time working security for the biggest freak-fest on the East coast.


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Early in the evening on Friday, Teddy picked a fight with an axe toting Nymph....

...And lost.

Tony was there in his Highlander garb. But what's up with the fangs?

Drew's first time in his new Colonial Marine gear.

And judging by the lip print on his cheek, the girls really do dig a man in uniform.

Saturday was the big costume night, here's Tony with Aura Sing from Star Wars Episode 1.

A very nice Mara Jade from Star Wars.

Teddy as "The Amazingly Drunk Bra Headed Freak."

Our Bartender, Barb, taking a shot at Drew.

Her aim was a little off, so drew let her get in closer....

And closer... It was soon after this that Barb gave Drew a quadruple shot of Tequila, yes, 4 shots in one glass, which he drank down in one shot. The she had him do thirty push-ups. Then another thirty later on, then another quad shot. Thank you, Barb, I always wanted a hotel room covered in puke.

Our newest Marine recruit, Paul with Barb. Man does she get around.

And around...

Flame On!! Here's Mikey modeling his Birthday present, a Fantastic 4 T-shirt. I wanted to give him some lighter fluid and a book of matches so he could be the human torch, but I was voted to shut the hell up.

Squiggly hanging in the lobby looking to score...

Okay, here was the most disgusting costume of the night. This guy was carrying a severed head with the top cut open. Inside was roast beef mixed with red food coloring. Every so often, he would reach in, grab some bloody, gooey roast beef, and eat it. Ewww, gross. I wish I had thought of it first.

Some dead thing pushing a baby carriage.

Drew and Debbie hanging in the lobby.

So I'm hanging out by the pool, when I hear a booming voice yell, "Spat, get in my BELLY!!!". I look, and see Teddy, drunker than drunk coming stumbling down the hall towards me. He was so bad, he was literally bouncing from wall to wall trying to move straight down the hallway. I feared for my life. While I don't really think he could eat me, he could definitely bite off an arm or two. So I turned the camera on, readied the flash, but held it by my side so he wouldn't know what was coming. Then, just as he was on top of me, I flashed him. With the camera (pervs). While he was momentarily blinded, I ducked under his arm, tripped, did a roll, and ran down the hall while he chased me. That's when he drew his sword and Juan had to talk him out of eating me.

Later on, Juan was hanging out relaxing, and Teddy had finally found the guy with the roast beef head, so I was safe.

Juan being molested by Szilvia.

Here's 5 reasons you never give your camera to a drunk. Reason 1:

Reason 2:

Reason 3:

Reason 4:

And reason 5.

Mikey and his Fantastic 4 pose. Chicks apparently dig it.

Here's a great shot of Drew right before he evolved into his higher Pokemon form of.... Puke-A-Chu!!! Puke-A... Puke-A... Puke-A-Chu!!

Sunday we decided to relax and abuse the celebrities. Here's Tony with Kane Hodder (Jason from the Friday the 13th films).

And you know I had to get a shot with him too!

Me with Herb Jefferson Jr. (Boomer from Battlestar Galactica).

And the shot that made the whole weekend worth while, and all my friends jealous... Me with the king of Colt 45 himself, Mr. Billy Dee Williams. Chah-Chah.


More pictures to come when the pics get developed and scanned in.


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