Chiller Theatre April 2000

Here are the pictures from Chiller Theatre Expo in Jersey in April '00.

Special thanks to Szilvia, Victor, Teddy, Debbie, Nikki, and the rest of the Security team that "hired" us to work security at the Convention. Thanks to them, we got to hang out with all the Celebs that were there, and party with everybody Saturday night.

Me with Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk). I had no idea he was so tall.

The group of us with Robert Picardo (Voyager, The Howling).

Horror king, Tom Savini. Check out the interview I did with him a few years back by clicking HERE.

Mark Goddard (Major Don West of the original Lost in Space Series).

Juan hardly working…as usual.

Mikey, the security guard from Hell.

Mikey hanging out with the "Harm Girls".

Mikey's wet dream, Harlequin, and Poison Ivy.

Hanging out with Lou at the Party Saturday night. Yes, we wore our armor for most of the day.

Mikey being disciplined by his boss, Mistress Szilvia.

Me and Nikki, the self-proclaimed security Goddess.

Mark, Mike and I at the party.

Juan carrying a very drunk Nancy out of the tent.

Choked by R.A Mihailoff (Leatherface).

Juan chatting with Richard Eyer (The Invisible Boy).

Juan being crushed by Richard Keil (Jaws from the James Bond films).

Me being crushed by Richard.

Me with David Naughton (American Werewolf in London).

Me with Karen Lynn Gorney (Saturday Night Fever).

Ox Baker (Escape From New York) and I beating the hell out of Juan.

And here's the Security crew on Sunday looking exhausted, and ready for sleep.


Ok, so here's some stories from the weekend:


Richard Keil and the Restroom

While I was working security at the celebrity signing tent, Richard Keil (Jaws from the James Bond films) turns to me and asks, "Can you help me go to the bathroom?"

Of course my answer is something along the lines of, "Sorry, man, I don't swing that way."

He shakes his head and says, "No, just walk with me."

Oh, so I figure he just wants someone with him to keep the fans away or something. No problem.

He asks my friend Tony (another Security guy) to help as well.

Then he stood up. My dear God is that man tall. He stood with us between him and put his huge, slab of beef sized hands on the back of our necks. Then he put his weight down on us. I thought he was going to break our necks. He used us like human crutches. My neck hurts just thinking about it.

When we walked out of the tent, people started to stare. Who could blame them? It looked like he was dragging us by the scruffs of our necks. As we would pass groups of onlookers, Richard would yell out, "If you EVER do that again...!"

I told him, "That's funny, but it doesn't really sound convincing since you're throwing us INTO the hotel."

He agreed, and said he would do it again on the way out.

After he used the facilities, he took me by the neck and yelled, "If you EVER touch me there again...!"

I tried to turn my head to look up at him, but instead just said, "That's not funny."

He grabbed Tony, and we brought him back to the tent and dropped him off. Crazy coot.


More to come...



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