Bruce Campbell


Bruce Campbell is probably best known for his role as Ash in the movies "Evil Dead", "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn", and "Army of Darkness: Evil Dead 3". After some smaller roles, cameos, and parts in lesser know, but still interesting films in their own rights (Maniac Cop, Darkman, and Waxwork 2: Lost in time to name a few) he landed the part of Brisco County Jr. on the Fox show of the same name. He soon went on to make more "mainstream films" (The Hudsucker Proxy, Congo, Escape from LA, and McHales Navy)and even a role on the critically acclaimed television series Ellen. Lately, his recurring role as Autolycus on "The Adventures of Hercules", and "Xena: Warrior Princess" has brought him a whole new group of fans, and finally given his older fans something new to see him in.

Bruce was able to take some time out of his busy filming schedule while in New Zealand on the sets of Hercules and Xena to answer a few questions for us.

He gave us a few small limitations as to the questions we could ask, namely, we were only given ten questions, and they had to be questions he had never been asked before. Tall order. We went into overdrive scouring Bruce's web-site reading every question he had been asked and trying to come up with new and original questions to use. No easy task. Well, one week later we were ready. We decided to make it ten question categories instead of ten questions. There was just no way to get enough information from that limited amount of information. He didn't seem to mind much. Here's what we got:


Spat: How do you see the Internet as a part of your life and career in the future, and how useful is it in your everyday life?

Bruce Campbell: I see the Internet as the next big deal - I wanted to get in on it early on so I wouldn't get behind it all. I have found it useful for grass roots correspondence (safe too) and for work - I've been contacted by several companies on the net, so it PAYS to have an e-mail addy.

S: Also, do you feel that the 'net is the television of the 90's, and what are your favorite sites?

BC: I'm not sure about that - time will tell. I hope it is, because much of TV is a wasteland...the net is at least somewhat interactive. 90% of TV is for letting your brain bleed out through your ears when you have NOTHING else to do...

As far as my favorite sites, I do a lot of mundane stuff on line because I travel so much. I book hotels, flights, order CD's, vitamins, books all on line. I do research for projects as well - when in doubt, go to Yahoo. Hey, is a really good site... I'm answering these 100 questions from New Zealand, so the net works for me.

S: Does having two kids at all change the types of roles you accept?

BC: Yes, but so does my mellowing of age and personal taste.

S: Do you monitor what they watch and do you let them see your movies and gory horror movies like the ones you've been in?

BC: I monitor them when I can, but I am a bigger fan of imparting self-government - to encourage them to develop their own standards that are as high as teachers or parents or whoever. Ya can't chain those little buggers in a room ya know - that's against the law...

S: On your web page, you say "why re-hash yesterdays celluloid" when asked about remaking "Evil Dead 2" yet you were in "McHales Navy" and were slated to be in a television remake of "The Love Bug."

BC: You're funny. Okay, so I contradicted myself...try and keep a single train of thought in YOUR documented life...(you never gave me the courtesy of your name, by the way, Mr./Ms. No Name Grand Inquisitor)...

S: Do you feel that Hollywood is wasting people time with rehashed old stories instead of coming up with more fresh and original scripts?

BC: Heck yes. There are MAYBE 30 years worth of ideas out for the feature version of ER in about 25 years...Hollywood has become hopelessly chained to the bottom line.

S: Do you feel that there is censorship in Hollywood?

BC: Yes, creative censorship. This is sacrificed because the budgets are bloating out of control and it results in movies that are much more fomulaic (sp?).

S: How do you feel about places like Blockbuster that censor their films without telling the consumer?

BC: I don't know, they haven't told me, have they?

S: Have any of your films been cut by Blockbuster?

BC: I wouldn't know, would I? (two can play this game, ya know...) We don't have it as bad as they do in England, though, where they can remove stuff before ANYONE sees it.

S: Have you ever had to sleep with someone to get a role in a film?

BC: Please - I'd rather drink Woolite on the street corner.

S: Do you think this is as common a practice as most people think it is?

BC: I don't know - to tell you the truth I don't read about Hollywood and I don't gossip with my friends about it. People who sleep around to get roles are frail and scared and most likely without talent. It's their own little horror show that only they can deal with. As for me, I pretty much mind my own business and act.

S: We have noticed that in two of your television roles, Brisco County Jr., and Bill Church Jr. on "Lois and Clark," you played characters with the initials B.C.. Your initials are B.C.. Is this done as an in-joke?

BC: No.

S: A coincidence?

BC: Bingo.

S: Megalomania?

BC: Please - as if I could force anyone to do this...

S: Or do you really think you're older than Christ?

BC: Excuse me while I fall asl ZZZZZZZZ....

S: How tired are you of hearing about "Evil Dead" and Ash, and do you feel that your fans should see you more as a character actor than just a character?

BC: I prefer the term "actor." You have placed your own opinion on your question. I let my e-mail take the pulse of the folks out there. It's now pretty much split between Evil Dead, Brisco and Hercules/Xena and that sits very well with me - gotta keep 'em guessing.

S: Does it bother you that they don't?

BC: There you go again - to THOSE that don't, yeah it bugs me. It also is a frustration because there are so many channels to watch that a lot of the different things I've done simply have not been watched by folks - or the shows never make it out of our country.

S: In an answer to a question someone asked you on your web-site, you say that "Ash is an idiot and he asks for everything he gets." You also say that Ash deserved to be left alone at the of the world. Later, you say that "Ash was no smarter than the average audience member was." Are you saying that Ash characterizes your fans, and that your fans deserve the same fate?

BC: You're saying that, but okay, I'll run with it for a minute. I'm saying that Ash, whoever that is, was "the guy next door." He's no different than Joe Blow garage mechanic watching the film. Two things result: audiences can identify with him since he's not an ex-CIA, FBI, Special Forces or anything, and he suffers the tortures of the damned as a result...go figure...

S: A lot of your films have been based on supernatural events and story lines. Do you yourself believe in the supernatural?

BC: No, not in the basic sense. I'm far more interested in the "real guy" caught in a fantastic situation. You need to root the fantasy on something real.

S: Have you ever had a supernatural experience yourself?

BC: No, but I do believe in Metaphysics which I believe to be "natural" as opposed to "supernatural."

S: If you could be any character from "The Wizard of Oz," who would you be, and why?

BC: Toto - lots of screen time, no dialogue. Bonus Question:

S: You say you are a big fan of wilderness preservation and of the environment. Are there any issues in particular that you are passionate about?

BC: Yeah - get the cattle off land that cannot support cattle (i.e. the mythical west), cut down on population and folks should get back in touch with land use/abuse. But don't get me started... Cripes, nothing like crunching 100 questions in 11...sheesh!

S: Thanks again for answering these question for us, Bruce.

BC: Best,



Bruce can be seen on "Hercules" in a new episode called "Men in Pink" the week of February 2nd, and in another episode titled, "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules" airing the week of February 23rd.

See him the week of March 8th in the Wonderful World of Disney presentation of "Gold Rush" on ABC. As yet, we have no release date for his upcoming feature, La Patinoire (The Ice Rink). A French film in which Bruce plays an ice hockey goalie. Expect to read a lot of subtitles as he is the only English speaker in the film.

In the Spring, Bruce will be playing a stretch of an acting role as "Pitfall Harry" in the upcoming Activision release, "Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle" for the Sony Playstation. Evil Dead fans will relish in watching Bruce get eaten alive and generally "Ashed" in the game.

If you're interested in seeing more of what Bruce is up to, including his photo album, lists of other projects he is working on as well as his now famous FAQ Manifesto, check out his website at Don't ask him for an autograph, he's got a New Years resolution against them. But he will send you a photo if you ask nicely, oh yeah, and tell him Spat sent you.


If you have any questions, E-Mail me.