Blade Mac 11 Kit



Supplies Needed:

Mac 11 (replica or Airsoft) $50.00 - $100.00 - $130.00 - $150.00

CA+ Glue (Try for the brand name "Zap-A-Gap" by Pacer)

X-Acto Knife

Hacksaw and / or Dremel Moto Tool

Plumber's Putty (or some other type of gap filler)


Various Sized Drill Bits



Sandable Primer

Flat Black Spray Paint

Clear Coat

(NOTE: All parts can be painted before assembly, then touched up after puttying.)

Remember, only paint outdoors, or in a well ventilated room.


So, wondering where to get a Mac 11 Airsoft?

You can get one from Collectorsfield for $50.00. It's a gas powered airsoft, semi auto, non-blowback. The magazine is easy to cut and convert, and the best part, of course, is the price.

Another way to go is Den Trinity. They offer a Maruzen gas powered airsoft, full auto, blowback Mac 11. And the best part is that the magazine is already short! No mods needed. They're located in Hong Kong, so there will be extra shipping charges and the issues with US Customs.

Wargamer's Shop has the Maruzen for $100.00, but they are located in Hong Kong as well.

You can also get a Maruzen Mac 11 at Airsoft Extreme. It's a little more expensive, but they are in the US, so no worries about US Customs.

Whatever you do, don't get a KSC Mac 11. While it is a really nice gun, it holds the gas in the magazine, which means it can't be modified.

You can also pick up one of our Macc 11 resin body kits. These are pre- cut and trimmed and ready to accept the Blade Mac 11 add on. They are available in the SpatCave Store!


The kit includes 1-Lower Body, 1-Upper Body. Resin Mac 11 Body kit is an optional item.

Wash all parts in warm, soapy water and allow to air-dry. Lightly sand all resin parts


Here's what you're starting with: A Mac 11 (airsoft or replica), and a 2 part resin kit from me. I've included the time stamp from the pics so you can see how long it actually took me to make one.

Please note - if you are using one of our Macc 11 Body Kits, you can skip down to step 7, and can skip step 10 completely.

1 3:37 Remove the stock from the Mac 11.
2 3:40 Remove the rear sight. I used a belt sander, but a small hacksaw or Dremel will work just as well.
3 3:42 Remove the front sight. This is easily done on most Mac's by removing the small pin just below the sight. Some Mac's have the front sight built in the plastic, and these need to be cut off same as the rear sight.
4 3:48 Remove the front strap holder with a Dremel or hacksaw. Remember, the front of the weapon will be covered by the resin parts and not seen, so it doesn't really matter how much you cut it up.
5 4:13 Remove the trigger guard with a hacksaw.
6 4:21 Add a strip of plastic to the grip under where the trigger guard was.
7 4:25 Align the two resin parts and pre-drill the holes for them. Use a 1/8" drill bit for these holes, and go in at least 2" to be sure. I decided to use 3 screws to give it more strength as this will be used at Cons and not just as a display piece.
8 4:27 Drill a larger hole with a 1/4" drill bit just deep enough to cover the head of the screw that will go in here later. This is called Counter Sinking.
9 4:38 Drill in through the barrel with a 1/4" drill bit. Go in as far as you can. The plan here is that if you'll be using this as a firing airsoft, you need a thin channel leading back to the airsoft barrel, and then a wider one at the outside end. If you make the outer hole thin, then the pellets will bounce around and hit the side walls at high speed, possibly cracking the resin. Once that hole is deep enough, go back in with a larger drill bit the same width as the barrel opening.
10 4:38 Now bore out from the back a hole wide enough for the barrel of the Mac to fit into. I started with a 5/8" drill bit, then moved down to a 1/2" and wiggled it around until the barrel fit. Skip this step if you are using a Resin Mac 11 Body Kit.
11 4:38 Test fit the Mac to make sure it sits all the way into the new barrel extension.
12 4:42 Score the resin parts where they will be joined to ensure a good grip when glued together.
13 4:47 Screw the two resin parts together and use the plumber's putty to cover all holes and fill any air bubbles.
14 5:13 Let the putty cure, and then sand smooth.
15 5:17 Use the plumber's putty to wrap around the barrel to give it a comfortable seat into the resin barrel extension. Cover the putty with the CA+ glue to make an even more permanent seal. Use some glue on the resin part that meets the handle as well. Pres the parts together to make sure everything is nicely together.
16 5:20 Prime and paint with flat black paint. Use many light coats, and don't try and cover the whole thing in one shot.
17 6:37 Once dry, cover the entire thing with a clear coat to seal it all in.
  So, the grand total was 3 hours from start to finish including all drying times!

One thing to remember, when drilling out the barrel, drill from the outside!! I've discovered that if you have any kind of lip in the inside of the barrel (meaning that the opening inside is bigger than the actual hole of the barrel), the airsoft pellets will hit off this inside lip and can crack the resin.


A very simple resin kit that attaches to a Mac 11 Replica to make a very nice display piece for every Blade fan!


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