Bad Kids Go To Hell

6/19/11 - 6/28/11

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Some more Bad Kids Go To Hell behind the scenes pics!

Me and Marc Donato (Tarek).

Me and Bazza!

Me and Matt! Not only did he co-write the comic, but he directed the film!

Augie gets head.

Marc trying to trim my Turkish eyebrows!

Roger having sex with a chair.

Grace visiting the Make-Up Room.


I wonder if the rest of the crew knows how much "jackassery" was going on in the make-up room all week?

On set watching the action!

Grace trying to get Bazza's brain to explode.

Looks like his ears are starting to smoke....

Alyssa (Costumes and Wardrobe). You didn't hear it from me, but she was totally sleeping with the producer.


And then Marc lost his mind. And decided to try on every costume and play with every prop. All at once.

Posing. You'll notice that he always rolls up the sleeve that's closest to the camera.

Arresting Jeff.

Now he's got a Paintball gun!

No idea.

And then getting head.

Had they made this the movie poster, I think the film would be sold out all over the world!!


Judd Nelson (Headmaster Nash) showing poor trigger control. Wait until you see the scene where he goes on the shooting spree!!

Britt and Amanda!

Jeff smoking a.... tampon?

My shattered knee pad. Of course, it's a good thing I'm the one that shattered it. Had one of the actors done it, I would have reamed them!!

Me and Augie!

My balls. In addition to all my other duties, I also had to work the CGI balls on set!

Me and Cameron! I abused the crap out of him! Sorry! I'll post pics and stories on page 4.

Me in my SWAT Uniform! I don't want to brag, but my character is kind of pivotal in the film. I'm kind of a big deal.

My signed book! I signed it twice myself since I'm both cast and crew.


Page 4 is coming soon. It will be a lot of the "Spoiler" shots of the set, costumes and make-up that may give away the plot. So I won't post that page until the movie has been out for a while or maybe when it comes out on DVD.


I hope you enjoyed the pics! And be sure to check out Bad Kids Go To Hell, either in theaters, on DVD, in comic book form, or (depending on how many years in the future this page lasts) by direct brain download.


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